Packing size 250 g
Range je nach Bedarf
Consumption per m² 25 kg Putz mit 250 g Vermiculite
Exact application rate values must be determined on site.

A very light and natural light beige mica, bloated under heat. It is worked into thin-layer plasters, the surfaces of which are scraped off after being put on for a short time. It bursts along its layers and leaves shiny golden inclusions in the plaster surface.

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Vermiculite is a natural mica which was expanded under exposure of sudden heat at around 200-300°C.
Expanded Vermiculite are very light granules with light beige colour

As an additive to KREIDEZEIT Lime Wall Finishes smooth and Lime Wall Finishes fine and Marmorino.

Recommended quantity to be added
1 % (25 kg plaster + 250 g Vermiculite)

Maximum quantity to be added
2 % (25 kg plaster + 500 g Vermiculite)

When using the product, the complete Product information must be observed.

Preparing the sustrate
Treat all slightly and/or irregular absorbent substrates (i.e. plasterboards, gypsum fibre boards, repaired plasters) at first with Vega Primer or Casein Primer. Cover the surface evenly with Lime Wall Finish -smooth- or Lime Wall Finish -medium- and let dry properly. An even structure can only be achieved on evenly absorbent substrates.


When using an electric mixer, Vermiculite must not be stirred too strongly, otherwise it is shredded.
At first mix the plaster with the required amound of water and let set for the recommended time. After this, mix Vermiculite to it.
Vermiculite absorbs a lot of water. Add 1 L of water for every 250 g of Vermiculite to your mixture.

The plaster is applied, textured or smoothed with a spring steel trowel or Venetian trowel and, if necessary, smoothed after setting. Structures can be worked out vertically or horizontally or randomly in all directions.
After approx. 1 hour drying time, the surface and especially the vermiculite mica is torn open with the smoothing trowel at an angle of 90° (scrape like with a scraper blade). The rough surface is then smoothed with a little pressure using the trowel at a flat angle. Finally, the surface is cleaned with a soft dust broom to remove loose Vermiculite particles.

Product information Decorative Aggregates

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